When humidity peaks, your hair may become an uncontrollable mess of curls and tufts. If that’s the case, then finding ways to tame frizz is essential. Every person has their own hair texture, so knowing where yours lies on the spectrum will help you figure out which products to include in your haircare routine. In this blog, we will highlight tips for keeping your hair under control during the hot climate.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner plays an integral role in how your hair behaves. To control frizz, you want to go for a lightweight moisturizing formula. Like humans, hair needs enough hydration to stay healthy or else the dryness will induce excess curls.

Serums and Oils

Once you’re done with the shower, your hair will be damp, so choosing lightweight serums, oils, or masks will control flyways. Oils act as a repellant to humidity, but if you have naturally oily hair, then only apply from mid-length to the ends.

Hairbrush, Blow Dryer Routine

Air drying your hair might not be the best option, which is why a hairbrush and blow dryer combination will smooth your mane before it has a chance to go wild. A bristle brush will be most helpful, and as you’re brushing, the heat from the blow dryer should be directed towards the ends. When your hair is completely dry, you’ll then want to turn the dryer to a cooler temperature to seal the hair cuticle and lock in hydration.

Heat Protectant Products

If possible, avoiding hot tools is best to reduce taking out the moisture from your hair. When using a curling iron or straightener, use heat protectant and anti-frizz aerosol hairspray.

Hair Accessories

If you’re feeling lazy or all else fails, hats, beanies, and headbands will hide your frizzy hair. You can make the most out of these hair accessories by bringing in your fashion sense. Wear your hair in pigtails with a bucket hat or tie it in a low ponytail with a beanie – you can make the most out of your hair dilemma with alternate options.


When you’re braving the summer heat, you’ll need to be meticulous about your hair. Frizz is unavoidable, but it can be tamed. With proper care and attention, you won’t have to feel self-conscious about your appearance. These suggestions are meant to guide you, but ultimately, the products and hair tricks depend on your hair texture. Once you get to know your hair, you’ll have an easier time working with it rather than against.