While any wedding puts a huge spotlight on the wife and husband-to-be, the mother of the bride or groom is a close second. However, as the mother of the bride or groom, you know that as you age, the skin changes, and what once worked in your 20’s and 30’s won’t work into your 40’s and beyond! In this month’s blog, we will talk about sophisticated makeup ideas to help you capture a youthful glow without overshadowing the couple.

Add a Little Color

If you want to make a bright statement with your makeup, adding some colors can be just the thing. Simply put, make your eyes and lips pop with light-colored makeup, but not to a fault. You can perk up your lips and make your eyes the focal point of your glam with bright colors like light blue, light pink, or light purple.

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Keep Things Simple

Colors are fun for sure, but if colorful makeup is not your usual makeup routine, a natural look is a safe bet. Soft & classic eye makeup and light pink-colored lipstick are perfect and will keep you true to your signature look at the same time.

Coordinate with the Bride If You’re The Mother of the Groom

Not only will it show you get along really well with your daughter, but it will also make your look overall coordinated. Guests will love to see how wonderfully your makeup complements the bride’s makeup. However, if the bride goes for a bold makeup statement (because the wedding calls for a makeup look of equal refinement), you can match or choose a subtler style depending on your preference.

Stick With Tradition

In multicultural weddings, it’s always a beautiful thing to join different halves into one whole. Also, it’s your chance to welcome guests to your culture by sticking to your roots. Conforming to tradition will create a meaningful wedding, wow your guests, and keep your family happy.


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