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You made your way through the harsh winter winds and snow and have survived the cold. Now it is time to enjoy the sweet blissful warmth and sunshine of the summer. It is the time for pool days, beach parties, and vacations. Amidst all the fun, the summer can bring multiple challenges for your skin as well. Are you prepared to take the sunny season head on? Here is a skincare routine to look your absolute best this summer.

1. Cleansing twice daily should be a ritual.

Sweaty and oily skin are two factors that you will combat frequently in the summer. Both of them combined can cause clogged pores which eventually leads to an acne breakout. We don’t want that. Make sure that you are cleansing at least twice in a day. This will allow breathing space to your skin, and you will look fresh. Say goodbye to sweat and grime with a nice daily cleansing.

2. Exfoliate your skin frequently.

Oily skin can lead to skin dullness and discoloration at times. To avoid the dullness and dryness, exfoliate your skin daily with a good quality scrub or a home remedy like coffee grounds. It works wonders as your skin will get rid of the excessive oil and dead cells. Your skin will look more radiant and beautiful than ever before. But just be careful to not exfoliate excessively as it will do more harm than good.

3. Revitalize your skin with a toner.

A toner is a perfect for opening up clogged pores in your skin. It deep cleanses them and gets rid of all the dirt and excess oil stuck in the pores. A refreshing toner can help prevent acne breakouts and other skin issues when used regularly. If you are looking for a toner, choose the one that has cooling effects like aloe vera or cucumber.

4. Always use a good SPF sunscreen.

We cannot stress enough on the importance of using a quality sunscreen in the summertime. Sunscreen protects you from the harmful UV rays that can damage your skin beyond repair. Experts recommend sunscreens with SPF 30 and higher for the best coverage and protection. Do your skin a favor and invest in high quality sunscreen to be safe this summer.

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