Are you still searching for the perfect do’ for your big day? From tousled tresses to an elegant twisted bun, brides have so many choices when it comes to hairstyles and accessories. Luckily for you, we’ve researched some hairdos that every bride will be wearing in 2020 for you to have some options to choose from. To see what we have on our list, continue reading!

Voluminous Tousled Waves

For full and beautiful locks, try wearing your hair down in tousled waves. This style will work for short hair or long hair, because when it comes to waves, the more volume, the better. Brides can achieve this look relatively simply, all you need is a little hairspray and a large barrel curling iron. By wrapping your hair around a larger barrel, the strands will come out wavy rather than curled. Make sure to spray directly afterwards for a stronger hold on your hair and brush out generously. For more volume, tease the crown of your head with a large comb and use hairspray to finish.

Half Up, Half Down

The modern version of the half up, half down hairstyle features more twists and less hair accessories. You’ll want to start by pinning the front portion of your hair back with a few bobby pins, leaving enough hair to curl at the bottom when you’re done. Purposely pin back and twist small pieces of hair until you’ve reached a desired look, and then take the remaining strands and tightly curl. After completing these steps, you’re left with a beautiful hairdo that was so easy to accomplish!

Boho Side Braid

Another elegant hairstyle, the boho side braid is trendy and always looks absolutely stunning on any bride. You don’t even have to worry about perfecting this look either because it’s meant to be a little messy. Get started by parting your hair to the side and piecing together a Dutch braid. Once you’re satisfied with the front, pull your hair in a ponytail and finish with a regular three-strand braid. Pro tip: hide your hair band with the leftover strands from your Dutch braid!

Elegant High Bun

One of the more complicated hairstyles on our list, the elegant high bun is still a beautiful hairdo that can be accomplished with patience and lots of hairpins. To replicate this look, carefully pull back the middle section of your hair to form a high bun and then wrap around the outside sections, repeating until the bun is full but loose. The front portion of your hair can be styled by creating a side part and twisting the hair back into your bun with bobby pins. Slightly pull the front and side pieces for more volume. Pro tip: Frame your face with curls for a softer look!


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