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Sweat-Proof Your Summer Makeup with These 6 Tips

Hot weather is a real test of endurance for our daily makeup. When it start to heat up during the summer, you may experience melting foundation, smeared mascara, or oily skin. Don’t worry! The good news is there are hot-weather makeup and beauty tricks that will help you avoid all the above problems while ensuring your routine is effortless and your face is flawless.

To help you deal with this problem, we offer you a set of must-have beauty tips during the scorching summer months, so you can look radiant throughout the day!

Choose the Right Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be a part of your regular routine year-round, but when the summer comes, it’s wise to use sunscreens that are less oily. This way, your face won’t appear shiny to a fault and your makeup can last longer without smudging.

Use Primer as Your Base

Another way to control shine throughout the day is to use your makeup base the right way. Before putting on foundation, treat your skin to some moisturizing cream and apply a primer. This will help your makeup stay in place for longer, which is a plus on a hot day.

How to Apply Makeup

Don’t use cosmetics with your fingers. We recommend using sponges and makeup brushes instead. This will allow you to apply a thin layer of makeup, which is a perfect solution for going out in the summer heat.

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Ease Up on Your Normal Makeup Routine

All too often, our makeup fails to pass the heat challenge and begins to melt. Therefore, the golden rule to follow should be that the less makeup, the better. All you need is moisturizing cream, concealer, and mascara enough to see you through the summer months.

Choose the Perfect Eye Shadow

The summer heat makes cream eye shadows coagulate and turn into little clumps all over your eyelids. This gives your face an unpleasant look and is the last thing you want. To avoid this problem, try using matte eye shadows. These eyeshadows are easy to use and won’t look as oily as cream or liquid shadows.

Choose the Right Powder

To keep your makeup routine extra breezy on baking, sunny days, avoid using pressed powder. The contact with direct sunlight and sweat will cause it to harden and crease. Simply use loose and translucent powders, which will keep your makeup looking fresh.


Whether you are a bride planning your wedding, or you have an important occasion within a few days and you want a stylish look, the summer heat is a true challenge to get the desired results. We suggest hiring a professional to get your makeup done the way you want it. Contact the team at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Beauty at (725) 735-5046 for mobile makeup services and much more!

A Soft Spring Makeup Tutorial

Spring is the perfect season to try out softer colors in your makeup routine. From warm pastels like lavender and tangerine to bright peaches and pinks, you can transition from the darker tones of winter to the lighter shades of spring by switching out your color palette. Also, mixing and matching soft colors with your makeup products will give your face a radiant and glowing appearance to reflect the new season. Follow along in our blog to see how you can achieve a fresh spring makeup look!

What You’ll Need

Are you digging through your makeup collection? If there are coral and orange toned shades in your eyeshadow palette, apply them gently to your lid. A light sweep across the eyelid can brighten and draw attention to your natural eye color. Also, grab any light pink or peachy blushes for your cheeks. The natural color will leave your face looking fresh and clean. We recommend applying your blush with a tailored fluffy brush, tapping off any extra product before your application. To finish your makeup look, find a gloss with a pink tint or even a high shine lipstick. Apply generously and watch your spring makeup look come together!


If you’re still searching for ideas to enhance your spring makeup routine, it’s best to ask the professionals at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup. Our professional makeup artists can provide you with the highest quality makeup and application in the industry. Whether you need your makeup done for a photo shoot or a spring wedding, we are here to make you feel beautiful. Visit our website and select a makeup service that best fits your beauty needs!