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Sweat-Proof Your Summer Makeup with These 6 Tips

Hot weather is a real test of endurance for our daily makeup. When it start to heat up during the summer, you may experience melting foundation, smeared mascara, or oily skin. Don’t worry! The good news is there are hot-weather makeup and beauty tricks that will help you avoid all the above problems while ensuring your routine is effortless and your face is flawless.

To help you deal with this problem, we offer you a set of must-have beauty tips during the scorching summer months, so you can look radiant throughout the day!

Choose the Right Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be a part of your regular routine year-round, but when the summer comes, it’s wise to use sunscreens that are less oily. This way, your face won’t appear shiny to a fault and your makeup can last longer without smudging.

Use Primer as Your Base

Another way to control shine throughout the day is to use your makeup base the right way. Before putting on foundation, treat your skin to some moisturizing cream and apply a primer. This will help your makeup stay in place for longer, which is a plus on a hot day.

How to Apply Makeup

Don’t use cosmetics with your fingers. We recommend using sponges and makeup brushes instead. This will allow you to apply a thin layer of makeup, which is a perfect solution for going out in the summer heat.

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Ease Up on Your Normal Makeup Routine

All too often, our makeup fails to pass the heat challenge and begins to melt. Therefore, the golden rule to follow should be that the less makeup, the better. All you need is moisturizing cream, concealer, and mascara enough to see you through the summer months.

Choose the Perfect Eye Shadow

The summer heat makes cream eye shadows coagulate and turn into little clumps all over your eyelids. This gives your face an unpleasant look and is the last thing you want. To avoid this problem, try using matte eye shadows. These eyeshadows are easy to use and won’t look as oily as cream or liquid shadows.

Choose the Right Powder

To keep your makeup routine extra breezy on baking, sunny days, avoid using pressed powder. The contact with direct sunlight and sweat will cause it to harden and crease. Simply use loose and translucent powders, which will keep your makeup looking fresh.


Whether you are a bride planning your wedding, or you have an important occasion within a few days and you want a stylish look, the summer heat is a true challenge to get the desired results. We suggest hiring a professional to get your makeup done the way you want it. Contact the team at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Beauty at (725) 735-5046 for mobile makeup services and much more!

How to Prepare for Your Wedding Day Makeup

There are many preparations that must be made when your wedding day comes, including makeup application, which requires several steps. For instance, preparing your skin to make it bright, applying the appropriate foundation for your skin type, and allocating enough time before the ceremony. In this month’s blog, we will show you exactly how to prepare for your wedding day makeup.

Skin Preparation

One of the most important things for the bride is to appear radiant with smooth and bright skin on her special day. Therefore, your skin needs time, special care and treatments to achieve the desired results. To help you with your skin preparation regime, we’ve rounded up the best tips below:  

Washing the Skin: Wash and moisturize your face the morning of the wedding without rubbing the face; it will give you clean and smooth skin.

Primer Cream: Two minutes after the washing and moisturizing process, apply and spread the primer cream gently on your face. This way, the primer cream will become a base for your foundation and concealer, while allowing your makeup to last longer throughout the day.

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Foundation Cream

If your skin tone is cool, opt for a pink, red, or blue foundation cream. If you skin tone is warm, a golden or yellow foundation is the best option. Furthermore, it is preferable to wait until the primer dries before applying foundation. Also, if you want to cover red or black spots with a concealer, make sure to apply it after foundation. Blend gently so that your foundation doesn’t smudge!


Highlighter is a makeup product that reflects light, and it is used to give luster to the skin on the high points of your cheeks, nose, and cupid’s bow. So think of your highlighter as a finishing touch. Apply this product at the end of your makeup process if you want glowing and radiant skin.


If you need beautiful bridal makeup for your special day, the professionals at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup are ready to give you the look that you’ve been dreaming of. For more information, give us a call at (725) 735-5046 to contact our team directly and book a service with us.

Things to Know Before Getting Your Makeup Done

Getting your makeup professionally done is a treat that will make you look and feel good and is sure to amaze anyone at public events. But you’re probably wondering if there are any do’s and don’ts when it comes to working with a professional makeup artist. If you’re planning to get dolled up, continue reading to learn more etiquette and what to do when working with a professional.

Choosing Your Makeup Artist

Doing research on your makeup artist is important. While most makeup artists are quite flexible and multifaceted in their skills, each artist still has their own unique specializations and techniques. It’s beneficial to find someone who is compatible with your own preferred style. A good way to research is to look through their portfolio website, Instagram, and any online reviews. All of these things are usually readily available on the internet and will give you better insight on who to hire. Don’t forget to also research their rates to see if they fit your budget.

Bring References

Your makeup artist isn’t a mind reader and you shouldn’t assume they’ll know exactly what you mean either. If you have a specific look or color in mind, it’s highly recommended that you bring along inspiration photos as references – such as the artist’s previous work on another client, Instagram photos, or pictures off of the internet. This gives your makeup artist an idea of what you’re expecting and allows them to understand your preferences. Reference photos will really help in the process and you’ll like the end result much more if your makeup artist knows what to work towards!

Trust the Process and Be Open to Suggestions

When you rely on a professional makeup artist, you’re basically giving them the reins. It’s important as a client to trust the expert and understand that they know what’s best. That being said, the artist will most likely use different techniques than what you’re used to. You might feel a bit doubtful but remember that the entire look has to come together and if you start judging before it’s complete, you won’t like it. They’re professionals with years of experience for a reason, so just sit back and put your trust in them.

Of course you should always thoroughly consult with the makeup artist before starting the session. As mentioned before, discuss with them using reference photos if possible and point out anything particular that you really want. During consultation, try to be open minded and consider the suggestions that the artist will recommend based on your features.


At the end of the day, staying open-minded to suggestions and being communicative is key when working with your makeup artist. If you’re looking for a professional makeup and photography service in Las Vegas, come to Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup! Our professionals have many years of experience and will transform the way you look. Learn more about our studio by visiting our website.

What to Look for in a Master Stylist/ Artist

A master stylist is someone who’s an expert in the hair, makeup, and photography industry. They should not only be able to flawlessly execute any desired look, but they will know how to ensure it photographs flawlessly as well. Since every master stylist will offer a varying level of expertise, experience, and communication skills, it’s crucial you know how to recognize when you have found one that is superior to the rest.


While the exact amount of experience a stylist has isn’t worth splitting hairs over, considerable industry experience is an undeniable advantage that should not be taken for granted. Before hiring a master stylist, ensure that they have several years of experience not only bringing your desire look to life, but doing so for your specific type of event as well.


You know you’ve found a top notch master stylist when they can consistently communicate effectively. As a client, you should feel as though the stylist has clearly answered and addressed all questions and concerns regarding pricing, their timeline, products that will be used and details about your requested look. Holes in communication can unfortunately sometimes lead to confusion, unfavorable results, and unanticipated expenses.

Proven Track Record

Dazzling testimonials and accolades can speak volumes when it comes to finding the best styling team for the job. From online Google and Yelp reviews to awards and press recognition, there are countless ways to know if an artist has a track record that will align with your requests. Below are a few of Beauty Studio Inc. Mobile Hair and Makeup’s recent most noteworthy accomplishments:

  • The Knot Hall of Fame
  • Winner of The Knot Best of Weddings 2015- 2021
  • Winner of Wedding Wire Couples Choice 2015-2021
  • 5 Star Rated on Google & Yelp

Final Thoughts

When you commit to finding a master stylist who’s experienced, communicative, and has an undeniable track record you will soon be a bride of confidence. Beauty Studio Inc. Mobile Hair and Makeup in Las Vegas specializes in luxury on-demand hair and makeup styling for corporate and individual purposes. View our full list of services on our website or call our team directly at (800) 243-2240 for additional information.

Makeup for Men

The world of makeup today is an inclusive industry that helps promote confidence and creativity for both men and women. While makeup can be wonderful for everyone, there are some notable differences when it comes to makeup for men vs women. Below we discuss a few ways that men can gradually explore the world of makeup while best meeting their skins unique and individual needs.


The texture of most men’s skin makes it much more receptive to thorough prep. This includes proper cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and priming if makeup is going to be applied. This step will not only help combat potential blemishes and fine lines, but also help ensure makeup will look and blend more naturally too.


The holy-grail product that everyone loves is concealer, and for good reason. Concealer has the power to make all types of blemishes disappear in plain sight just like magic. An easy way to reduce the appearance of redness or dark under eyes is to lightly tap concealer into the skin with a clean fingertip. This application method is simple, quick, and foolproof.

Facial Hair

A secret way to incorporate makeup into your everyday routine is by using powders or pens to fill in any gaps or patches in beards, mustaches, or eyebrows. Be sure to look for a flat (no shimmer or sparkle) eyeshadow, eye pencil, lip pencil, or bronzing powder that best matches the color of your hair.

Final Thoughts Even though makeup is made to benefit everyone, learning to apply it can take some time and practice. Men in the Las Vegas, NV community looking to take makeup lessons or have their makeup done by industry professionals should look to the team at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup for on demand or in studio services. We even specialize in drag and male to female makeup as well! Call us at (800) 243- 2240 for more information.

Sweat-Proof Your Makeup!

Las Vegas summers can get really hot, so how can you get your makeup to last? Well by following our makeup tips, you don’t have to sweat it (literally). From using an oil-free primer to swapping out a heavy foundation for a lighter formula, we have compiled a list of makeup hacks you can follow to look and stay cool for the summer. Keep on reading!

Skip the Powder

When you are sweating in the heat, you don’t want to apply powder. You might be thinking, “well it will cover up my shininess”, when in reality it can exaggerate your fine lines and wrinkles. More powder can also make you look cakey, which is not attractive. Instead, use blotting papers to remove any excess oil.

Use a Primer

Before applying your foundation, reach for an oil-free primer. The foundation will stick to the primer and reduce any shine you might see after a long day in the heat. If you choose to skip this step, still apply an oil-free moisturizer to give your skin nourishment and protection.

Light Foundation is Key

Full coverage foundation is more likely to melt off your face. As a replacement, you can use a lightweight, oil-free foundation that will stay on longer and let your skin breathe. Trust us when we say that your skin will thank you later!

Setting Spray

A setting spray application is light and refreshing, while letting your makeup last all day. Test out a couple of setting sprays that work best for your skin. Some formulas may have a dewy glow or a matte finish. As long as your makeup is locked into place, then your setting spray is doing its job.


At Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup, you can find the best deals on professional hair and makeup packages in Las Vegas. Our makeup artists are prepared to give you the ultimate glam makeover in studio or at your location of choice. Visit us online for more information on our services and book your appointment today!

Top 3 Women’s Haircuts of 2020

Women stumbling upon this blog must all be feeling the same familiar itch, the one we feel before wanting to shake up our physical appearance. Change is exhilarating and there’s little to lose when it comes to your hair. Follow along below to see our top 3 picks for women’s haircuts in 2020!

Modern Bob

This year hair is taking a trip back to times of liberation and free spiritedness. The bob is perhaps the most popular hair trend to resurface in the last year and continues to be a popular choice among women of all ages. The modern bob is a twist on the short hair styles that were popular among women during the 1920’s and the women’s empowerment movement.

70’s Tribute

The 1970’s are known for being lackadaisical and hairstyles at that time were no exception. Where the mullet has yet to make a prominent comeback, curtain bangs, the textured shag, and other bold fringes are in fact back and better than ever. These 70’s inspired hairstyles are great for their relaxed, timeless, and effortless vibes.

One Length

While the one-length hair trend is most easily observed as a bob, the same polished and blunt effect can be had on hair of any length. This structured look is much more modern than the wavy and beachy textures that have been popular in recent years and is a trend commonly sported by celebrities and in the form of wigs.


Whether we can blame quarantine for all the locks lost this year or another nostalgic beauty industry trend, it looks like modern spins on classic hairstyles are here to stay. You would only trust an expert to help you achieve a bold new haircut, so do the same when you want it styled perfectly before a big event! From styling your hair to applying picture perfect makeup, our Vegas based team can do it all. Contact us here for more details on our beauty services!

NEW COVID-19 Safety Measures

A young woman wearing a face mask

In compliance with state and CDC guidelines concerning COVID-19, we have implemented new policies and procedures for our beauty services. We are enforcing these guidelines to protect the health and safety of our clients and artists. We hope you understand that some beauty services may not be available during this time, such as blowouts. To learn more about our updated safety measures, continue reading.  


  • All clients are required to wear masks for the duration of their services, and may only be taken off for foundation/lip services.
  • Clients must provide their own mask. If the client does not have a mask, services will not be offered and no refund will be given.
  • Clients must wash hands before each service.
  • Blowout services will not be offered until further notice.
  • Styling will be done on clean dry hair.
  • Artists are not permitted to work in tandem on the same client. Services must be done one at a time.
  • If you are feeling sick or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 we ask that you cancel your appointment. 
  • We will need to have ample space in the getting ready area so that work areas can be placed a minimum of 6 feet apart from one another.


  • All normal sanitation methods should continue to be implemented, in addition:
  • All artists will be required to wear a mask during all services. 
  • Face shields will be recommended to be worn in addition to face masks, particularly during the parts of service where client removes their mask.
  • Blowout services will not be offered until further notice.
  • Artists are not permitted to work in tandem on the same client. Services must be done one at a time.
  • Artists will be required to wash their hands in between every client. When soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer should be used.
  • All work stations will be required to be 6 feet apart.


For a full list of our safety measures, please visit our website. You can find out more about what we’re doing to protect you and our artists. Have any questions or concerns? We encourage you to call or email us anytime. A small message from Beauty Studio Inc:


Different Types of Make-Up Primers

When it comes to our beauty and make-up routine, a flawless look is what we all want to achieve. In the beauty industry, there are so many different products and techniques to achieve these type of results, but primer is one of the products that is a must-have! Think of it as the base coat to achieving a smooth complexion and a long-lasting finish. Read along to learn about the different types of primer best for different skin types.

Mattifying Primer- Oily Skin

Mattifying primers are best for someone with oily skin. This type of primer minimizes the appearance of pores while helping reduce shine throughout the day and extending the wear of makeup. A good primer will give you an oil-free, matte finish that is light and hydrating without clogging your pores.

Tinted Primer

A tinted primer is great for subtly evening out skin tone and neutralizing discoloration. This works best on normal skin with small pores. It differs from a mattifying primer due to its dewy finish. If you like your face to have that extra glow, try a tinted primer with shimmer for that extra glow!

Colour-Correcting Primer

Coulour-correcting primers come in different hues to help with different skin imperfections. From the reduction of redness to minimizing pores and brightening your skin, these primers are life savers! If you your skin is a bit dull, go for a pink primer, which give your skin a much brighter finish. Primers with green hues help reduce redness along with blemishes.

Now that you’ve learned a little more about the wonderful powers of make-up primers you can go shop for one that fits your skin type! A flawless finish along with an extended makeup wear are only a few benefits of this great application. Here at Beauty Studio, we make sure to provide you with the best make-up products to deliver a gorgeous look each time. Visit our website to learn more beauty tips!

A Soft Spring Makeup Tutorial

Spring is the perfect season to try out softer colors in your makeup routine. From warm pastels like lavender and tangerine to bright peaches and pinks, you can transition from the darker tones of winter to the lighter shades of spring by switching out your color palette. Also, mixing and matching soft colors with your makeup products will give your face a radiant and glowing appearance to reflect the new season. Follow along in our blog to see how you can achieve a fresh spring makeup look!

What You’ll Need

Are you digging through your makeup collection? If there are coral and orange toned shades in your eyeshadow palette, apply them gently to your lid. A light sweep across the eyelid can brighten and draw attention to your natural eye color. Also, grab any light pink or peachy blushes for your cheeks. The natural color will leave your face looking fresh and clean. We recommend applying your blush with a tailored fluffy brush, tapping off any extra product before your application. To finish your makeup look, find a gloss with a pink tint or even a high shine lipstick. Apply generously and watch your spring makeup look come together!


If you’re still searching for ideas to enhance your spring makeup routine, it’s best to ask the professionals at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup. Our professional makeup artists can provide you with the highest quality makeup and application in the industry. Whether you need your makeup done for a photo shoot or a spring wedding, we are here to make you feel beautiful. Visit our website and select a makeup service that best fits your beauty needs!

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