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Sweat-Proof Your Summer Makeup with These 6 Tips

Hot weather is a real test of endurance for our daily makeup. When it start to heat up during the summer, you may experience melting foundation, smeared mascara, or oily skin. Don’t worry! The good news is there are hot-weather makeup and beauty tricks that will help you avoid all the above problems while ensuring your routine is effortless and your face is flawless.

To help you deal with this problem, we offer you a set of must-have beauty tips during the scorching summer months, so you can look radiant throughout the day!

Choose the Right Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be a part of your regular routine year-round, but when the summer comes, it’s wise to use sunscreens that are less oily. This way, your face won’t appear shiny to a fault and your makeup can last longer without smudging.

Use Primer as Your Base

Another way to control shine throughout the day is to use your makeup base the right way. Before putting on foundation, treat your skin to some moisturizing cream and apply a primer. This will help your makeup stay in place for longer, which is a plus on a hot day.

How to Apply Makeup

Don’t use cosmetics with your fingers. We recommend using sponges and makeup brushes instead. This will allow you to apply a thin layer of makeup, which is a perfect solution for going out in the summer heat.

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Ease Up on Your Normal Makeup Routine

All too often, our makeup fails to pass the heat challenge and begins to melt. Therefore, the golden rule to follow should be that the less makeup, the better. All you need is moisturizing cream, concealer, and mascara enough to see you through the summer months.

Choose the Perfect Eye Shadow

The summer heat makes cream eye shadows coagulate and turn into little clumps all over your eyelids. This gives your face an unpleasant look and is the last thing you want. To avoid this problem, try using matte eye shadows. These eyeshadows are easy to use and won’t look as oily as cream or liquid shadows.

Choose the Right Powder

To keep your makeup routine extra breezy on baking, sunny days, avoid using pressed powder. The contact with direct sunlight and sweat will cause it to harden and crease. Simply use loose and translucent powders, which will keep your makeup looking fresh.


Whether you are a bride planning your wedding, or you have an important occasion within a few days and you want a stylish look, the summer heat is a true challenge to get the desired results. We suggest hiring a professional to get your makeup done the way you want it. Contact the team at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Beauty at (725) 735-5046 for mobile makeup services and much more!

How to Prepare for Your Wedding Day Makeup

There are many preparations that must be made when your wedding day comes, including makeup application, which requires several steps. For instance, preparing your skin to make it bright, applying the appropriate foundation for your skin type, and allocating enough time before the ceremony. In this month’s blog, we will show you exactly how to prepare for your wedding day makeup.

Skin Preparation

One of the most important things for the bride is to appear radiant with smooth and bright skin on her special day. Therefore, your skin needs time, special care and treatments to achieve the desired results. To help you with your skin preparation regime, we’ve rounded up the best tips below:  

Washing the Skin: Wash and moisturize your face the morning of the wedding without rubbing the face; it will give you clean and smooth skin.

Primer Cream: Two minutes after the washing and moisturizing process, apply and spread the primer cream gently on your face. This way, the primer cream will become a base for your foundation and concealer, while allowing your makeup to last longer throughout the day.

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Foundation Cream

If your skin tone is cool, opt for a pink, red, or blue foundation cream. If you skin tone is warm, a golden or yellow foundation is the best option. Furthermore, it is preferable to wait until the primer dries before applying foundation. Also, if you want to cover red or black spots with a concealer, make sure to apply it after foundation. Blend gently so that your foundation doesn’t smudge!


Highlighter is a makeup product that reflects light, and it is used to give luster to the skin on the high points of your cheeks, nose, and cupid’s bow. So think of your highlighter as a finishing touch. Apply this product at the end of your makeup process if you want glowing and radiant skin.


If you need beautiful bridal makeup for your special day, the professionals at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup are ready to give you the look that you’ve been dreaming of. For more information, give us a call at (725) 735-5046 to contact our team directly and book a service with us.

Protect Your Hair from Summer Heat

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Summer is a season of beach parties, relaxing vacations, pool parties, slow barbeque evenings with friends and family. Amidst all the fun, one should never forget to take care of their hair. We have compiled some practical tips for you to use this summer and rock the luscious summer look.

1) Cover Up The Head

Protect your head by wearing a hat or a scarf to avoid over exposure of sunlight and the damaging UV rays. As simple as this tip may sound, it is very effective. Wearing a cool hat will also be an added style statement on your behalf. Your hair will be protected from the harmful sun rays.

2) Less Hair Wash

We understand it is very tempting to wash the hair to feel fresh in your head. But washing your hair too much will strip it off essential oils and your scalp will start over producing the oil giving you a greasier look, much worse than the one you were trying to get rid of. Try to limit your hair washes this season and watch how your healthy your looks with reduced hair fall.

3) Use a conditioner

A conditioner will be your new best friend this summer. Consider this one as a must. You should condition your hair after the wash to lock in the moisture. This protects your hair from looking dull and dry. Use some coconut oil to de-frizz or smooth your locks after the wash.

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Your hair deserves all the care and love it can get. To find time for extensive hair care can be quite hectic for a lot of people. Are you looking for excellent beauty services for yourself? Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup is a professional beauty salon that offers multiple services like hairstyling, makeup application, spray tanning, and even photography for personal or corporate events. Check out our website or give us a call at (725) 735-5046 to schedule an appointment with us!

8 Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Kit

The highest-rated eyeshadows, foundations, blushes and highlighters would be nothing without the right makeup tools. Makeup lovers today are fortunate to have the broadest range of natural and synthetic brushes and applicators than ever before. From large blending brushes to precise angular brushes, knowing which makeup brushes are right for you, your routine, and your favorite products can easily become confusing and overwhelming. Below, we’ve outlined the top eight brushes even the simplest of makeup looks will require!

  • Foundation Brush: Those who prefer a brush to a sponge when applying face makeup should keep several things in mind when deciding which one is right for them. For full coverage, opt for a kabuki style brush which are known for their dense, firm bristles. When going for lighter coverage try a stippling brush. These brushes have two layers of bristles which work to provide a more natural and air brushed look.
  • Concealer Brush: A concealer brush should be able to seamlessly blend under eye concealer as well as instantly cover the look of blemishes. Concealer brushes can come in a variety of styles, but the best have bristles that are short, symmetrical, tapered, and have an all-over medium density.
  • Contour Brush: When it comes to finding the right contour brush everything should be considered from the size to the shape to the types of bristles. All of the highest rated contour brushes on the market have dense, soft bristled perfectly angled for optimal cheekbone sculpting.
  • Blush Brush: Similarly to contour brushes, blush brushes work to sculpt and define cheeks while providing a flushed, sun kissed finish. These brushes often come in styles similar to contour and foundation brushes but with bristles that are more tapered and not as dense.
  • Highlighter Brush: For a natural and glowy look you will need a highlighting brush that can provide a precise and buildable finish. These qualities can often be found in brushes that are soft, fluffy, tapered, and relatively small in size.
  • Setting Powder Brush: Setting powder is a revolutionary product that locks in makeup while absorbing oil and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and creases. The highest rated setting brushes have bristles that can hold and control where product does and does not go. When looking for a setting powder brush look for one similar to a highlighting brush making sure that it’s soft, fluffy and tapered.
  • Eyeshadow Brush: Eyeshadow brushes are designed to perfectly compliment the shape of the eyelid and build product with minimal fallout. These brushes should have flat, dense and rounded bristles which are optimal for flawless blending and building up pigment.
  • Angled Eye Brush: Angled eye brushes are flat and have short, compacted bristles perfect for drawing precise lines around the eyelash lines. These types of brushes can be used with crème or powdered shadows and eye lining products.

Final Thoughts

Makeup is a powerful accessory that can boost confidence, complement facial features, and ensure precious moments caught on photo and film are flawless from every angle. The team at Beauty Studio Inc. Mobile Hair and Makeup in Las Vegas, NV have decades of experience providing makeup lessons, trials, hair styling, photography, and videography too! Contact us today to learn more at (725) 735-5046!

Pros & Cons of Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is a unique modernized way of applying face makeup for special occasions. It is often used by makeup artists when a client expects to be in front of various cameras and lights, such as in theatre, film and weddings. Follow along below as we discuss the major pros and cons of airbrush makeup and to find out if it’s right for you.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup refers to a makeup application technique that doesn’t use brushes or sponges, but a specialized spraying device. The sprayer evenly distributes liquid face products directly onto the face, resulting in a seamless, full coverage look.

The Pros

Long-lasting: The ingredients in airbrush makeup enables it to stick to the face really well, lasting all day and night even through sweat and tears. This also saves time throughout the day you may otherwise spend touching up traditional makeup.

Lightweight: Airbrush sprayers provide one thin layer of makeup with each sweep. Due to its unique application, clients can often benefit from feeling nearly makeup free all while using much less makeup overall.

Photographs Well: The reason airbrush makeup is so often used in theater, film and for weddings is because it photographs so incredibly well. It can provide a flawless finish from every angle, a task brushes and sponges are not yet able to overcome.

The Cons

Not Ideal for Dry or Acne Prone Skin: Unfortunately airbrush makeup can eventually leave dry and acne prone skin types looking or feeling flaky after a while. Fortunately, this can be overcome with adequate skin preparation and help from the right makeup artist.

Hard to Re-blend: If for some reason your makeup streaks or becomes smudged, achieving that initial porcelain finish again can be much harder. However, if it’s applied properly and dries completely, this shouldn’t be an issue.

What’s Next?

With the right makeup artist on your side airbrush makeup can become your new best friend, just be sure to schedule a trial before your event. Those living or having their wedding or event in Las Vegas, NV can call on Beauty Studio Inc. Mobile Hair & Makeup for their airbrush makeup needs. Head to our website or call us at (800) 243-2240 for more information.

Why Hire a Mobile Makeup Artist?

makeup artist

Do you have a big event coming up and are debating whether you should hire someone or do it yourself? If you are not a makeup expert, and have an event such as a wedding that you are attending, hiring a makeup artist might be in your best interest. Read along to learn some of the benefits of hiring a mobile makeup artist.


The biggest benefit that comes from hiring a mobile makeup artist, is the convenience! Big events can be stressful, especially when it comes to your attire and makeup. By hiring a makeup artist, you save yourself time and stress. They come to you, have all of the items needed, and you get to put more time and focus on other things.


Hiring the best in the industry comes with many perks, but most importantly you gain peace of mind knowing that an expert is there to make you look your best. They have the knowledge and experience to provide you with exceptional services. From the perfect foundation to a perfectly cut eye crease, and luscious lip tints, you can trust your makeup artist to find the best shades that will complement your overall look.


Makeup artists are experts at adapting to different requests. From a natural look to something more glam, you can trust that they will deliver as you requested. These experts are always perfecting their art, and no look fits all, making their adaptability skills high. From an edgy look with glitter and bright colors, to an elegant look created with neutral tones, they are capable of creating beautiful looks for their unique clients.

From convenience to versatility, there are many reasons why you should hire a makeup artist for your next event. From weddings to beauty pageants and special events, we are a team of expert makeup artists and hairstylists ready to deliver beautiful looks each time! Visit our website for more information.

How to Winter-Proof Your Skin

Winter has a reputation for beautiful snowy vistas and savory comfort food. The harsh weather, however, can be a huge detriment to your skin. The following are a handful of tips to help keep your skin and makeup looking great even when winter wreaks havoc on it.

Prevent the Burn

Sometimes it gets so cold it burns. To prevent a bad case of windburn, wear a scarf or hood that covers your neck and nose. Before you go outside, don’t forget to apply an extra-moisturizing lotion or salve to protect any skin that will be exposed to the chill.

Winter Lips

If the cold weather leaves your lips cracked and flaky, try using a lip balm that contains sunblock. You can also use a moisturizing lipstick. However, you should try to avoid matte lipstick because they tend to dry out the skin.

Snow Reflects Sun

If it’s daytime and you’re outside, you should be wearing sunscreen. UV rays from the sun are always a threat to your skin, and the sun-reflecting properties of the snow make it much worse. Whether you’re taking the dog for a walk or going skiing, get in the habit of wearing sunscreen with at least SPF 30 during the winter.

Red Face

If you’ve spent the day outside in inclement weather, chances are your skin looks red and inflamed by the end of the day. To mitigate this, try using a green-tinted moisturizer to hide the redness. If the discoloration is confined to small spots on your face, a concealer will work wonders. If any spots are painful to the touch, simply apply some hydrocortisone cream for instant relief.

Fight the Smudge

High winds, sleet, and snow can cause smudges and smears in our makeup. To prevent a complete meltdown, use waterproof mascara and apply shadow and eyeliner to the upper lids only so the color doesn’t migrate.

Consider Your Cleanse

Your face may feel taut and dry after getting ravaged by the cold weather. To combat this, try using a creamy cleanser with hydrating properties. If dryness persists, get ahold of a humidifier and make your air wetter.


The winter is full of charming traditions and great food. Winter weather, whether you like it or not, can be damaging to your skin and makeup. If you’re suffering from dryness, cracked-lips, or smudged makeup, try the above tips to help. For further questions on all things makeup related, call the professionals at Beauty Studio Inc. Mobile Hair and Makeup.

Hair Porosity: How Well Do You Really Know Your Hair?

Your hair is your crowning glory. You take care of it by washing and conditioning it, using the best styling products you know of to achieve the look you desire, and maybe by throwing in a special treatment to give your strands a boost in the right direction. You might know what products to use for hair based on the styles from popular magazines and makeover shows, but do you really know your hair and what it truly needs? To better understand what you need for an impeccable head of hair, you need to first understand your hair porosity. Then you should be able to choose the best products for your individual needs.

What is hair porosity?

Porosity can be defined as your hairs ability to accept and hold on to moisture. Moisture is everything if you want an amazing head of hair. Without the proper moisture your delicate strands need, they can become more prone to frizz, dryness, and breakage. When you understand your hair’s porosity, you can choose the proper hair care products to create the perfect do’ and enhance the health of your hair.

Types of Porosity

There are three types of hair porosity: Low, Normal, and High. You can naturally have a particular type of porosity, but constant hair manipulation can cause your hair to become more or less porous.

Low Porosity

Do you find yourself trying to saturate your hair with water longer than most people? If you walk through a mist of water, do you see water beaded up on your hair like flakes of snow? If so, then you most definitely have low porosity hair. This hair type is prone to products sitting on top of the hair instead of absorbing and tends to be on the drier side. This is due to the fact that your hair cuticles lie flat and are not lifted to accept much needed moisture. Oddly enough, your hair will take a long time to dry once it is fully saturated with water. Why? Because once water is able to finally penetrate the cuticle, the cuticle closes again trapping moisture.

Since this type of hair is the most delicate, it is important for the person to hydrate properly. Using water-soluble products is best and try to avoid heavy oils and products. Deep conditioning is a must for a lush, hydrated head of hair so make sure you deep condition with heat (such as with a hooded dryer, heat cap, etc.) to lift up your hair cuticles so the conditioner can penetrate effectively.

Normal (Medium) Porosity

If you have normal hair porosity, you are the envy of the town! Your hair type can easily accept moisture and you can even cocktail the type of products you use to suit your needs. The cuticles open and close easily when they need to, so water and products can penetrate just fine. Your haircare routine can change with the weather, so pay attention to your mane and give it what it needs!

High Porosity

Does your hair soak up moisture and products like it’s never soaked in them before? If so, your hair has high porosity, meaning your cuticles tend to stay open. Using heavy products can weigh your hair down quickly, so make sure to look for lightweight, silicon-free products to style and care for your hair.

How to Find out Your Porosity

Now that you know the general guidelines on hair porosity, you might have an idea about which category your hair falls under. But to find out for sure, there are a few different ways to perform a hair porosity test. Some easy, popular ways to determine your porosity are the water shed test or the hair strand test.

  • Water Shed Test

Wet a small section of hair with a spray bottle and watch how the water reacts with the hair. Is it sitting on top? Then you have low porosity hair. Is the water absorbed quickly? Then you have high porosity.

Water shed test
  • Hair Strand Test

Take a strand of hair and place it in a cup of clean water. If it floats, it is of low porosity. If it sinks to the bottom, it is of high porosity. If it floats to the middle, then it is of normal porosity.

Sometimes women have multiple types of hair porosity at once. If you suspect this, use separate cups of water and pick strands of hair from different sections of your head where textures seem to differ. This will help you tremendously with figuring out which products best suit your needs.


As you can see, the styling regimen that works for one person may not be the same for the next. In order to make that crown of yours shine and thrive, you need to pick out the right products to suit your low, normal, or high porosity needs. If you are looking for a knowledgeable hair stylist to help tame your mane, make sure to call on the experts at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup. Click here for more information!