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Prepare A New Look For the New Year 2023!

The start of the new year is a chance to reinvent yourself with your goals and aims in place. It is the time of year where everyone is making New Year’s resolutions and decide what changes they will be making in their life. So, why not go for a new look this year. Plan to be your absolutely best and stunning self in 2023. We have some ideas that will get your creative juices flowing to prepare a new look!

Go Natural or Use Light Makeup

Natural beauty is look that should be embraced! Learning to love all your flaws and accepting them as a part of your uniqueness will set you free mentally. Avoiding heavy makeup is also highly beneficial for healing your skin and will prevent any irritation.

However, if you still want to get dolled up, using simple makeup and minimal products will also retain that natural beauty look. No more chemical-laden products and a just minimalistic approach to makeup will highlight and accentuate your best features. We recommend the following routine:

  • Match the color of your cheeks with a non-glitter cream blush and use a non-glitter highlight over it for a dewy skin look.
  • Add a nude lip that best matches your skin tone to give a non-chapped look.
  • Apply eyeliner or mascara as you see fit.

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Party Glam

There is no such thing as too much glitter on the New Year celebration. Match the vibe with exceptional colors to look your absolute best. We suggest a glitter eye-shadow with the color of your choice, though you can never go wrong with the shade of silver. Keep a heavy hand while applying the eyeliner since it is going to be the highlight of your look. Strut around with confidence into the New Year and own each day with your fabulous looks.

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Makeup Looks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years

The holidays are a time for many parties and family gatherings, so you need to make sure that you are always looking your best. Start thinking ahead about what looks you are going to do, so you aren’t caught rushing to apply your makeup on the day of. This blog post will go over different makeup ideas for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.


Autumn is a time for warm, earthy tones, so nude shades are going to look best. Thanksgiving is less of a party holiday, and more of a way to gather with family. As such, your makeup should look more natural and not so glamorous.

Eyes: Try pairing bronze eyeshadow with smoky liner to create a subtle, yet sophisticated look. The coppery tones will make your eyes shimmer without being too dramatic. If you want to be more daring, try vibrant red and orange eyeshadow to create a fiery look that mimics the autumn leaves.

Lips: Darker tones are a hit this season. A matte berry-colored lip looks amazingly stunning and refined. The deep wine or cranberry color serves as a great contrast to your eyes, which you can dramatize with bold lashes or silver eyeliner. Or, try lipsticks that are nude or cocoa-colored to tie together your lovely earthy look.

Face: If you decide to tone down your eyes and lips, you can emphasize other areas of your face. Make your cheekbones stand out with bronzed highlighter, or rim your lower lashes with shimmery copper shadow. You can also apply pinkish-red blush to your cheeks to create a sweet, flushed appearance.


Everywhere you look, stores, restaurants, and homes are decked out with red and green Christmas decorations. These colors are the hallmarks of the season, so incorporating them into your makeup can be extra festive!

Eyes: Emerald smoky eyes are suitable for any Christmas party. Use two or three different shades of green for your eyeshadow to add dimension to your eyelid, and then fade it out past your crease for dramatic effect. Try applying a metallic shade of green in the center of the lid and in the corners to catch the light and make your eyes stand out even more.

Lips: If you decide to make your lips the focal point of your look, go bold with bright, red lipstick. However, be careful not to overdo your look – red lipstick looks best when paired with light and neutral eyes, as to not appear overwhelming. Brush on a little eyeshadow and mascara and you’re ready to go!

Face: Blush will look great for either look mentioned above. A hint of pink on your cheeks pairs well with red lips, and can provide a unique contrast if you decide on emerald smoky eyes. You can also apply a tiny bit of blush on the tip of the nose to give you that rosy, frost-bitten look.

New Years

With fireworks, sparklers, and flashing lights, New Years is a huge celebration! Now is when you should bring on the glam, sparkles, and glitter. Stick with silver, gold, and champagne pink shades.

Eyes: Glitter lids are an essential for any New Year’s Eve party. Scatter a glitter pigment across your eyes and extend it beyond the outer corners, then top it off with bold eyeliner and heavy lashes. If you only want a tad bit of sparkle, glitzy gold eyeliner brings a subtle sparkle while still being sophisticated.

Lips: If you’re going glam with your eyes, tone down the rest of your look to make the shine stand out even more. A creamy pink lip will go well with any sparkly eye look, and it still looks festive without being too cliché.

Face: If you decide against being glitzy with your eyes, you can always apply an extra sparkly highlighter to make your cheekbones shimmer. The key is to create a dewy, radiant look that will make you shine all night long. You can also find a champagne pink highlighter or blush to give you a warm, glowing appearance.


With these makeup ideas, you will be the star of the show for any event this season. For the best mobile makeup services in Las Vegas, NV, call on Beauty Studio Inc. Mobile Hair and Makeup. We’ll have you looking picture perfect for any holiday party!