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Foods Ruining Your Skin

Changes in your skin can sometimes signal changes in your overall health. People are unaware of the specific foods that damage their skin. Many people believe that only fast food can harm your skin, but there are so much more. In this blog, we will talk about foods that are giving you acne.

  1. White Bread, Bagels, and Refined Sugars

Foods rich in refined carbohydrates, including anything made with white flour or sugary sweeteners, can harm a person’s skin. “Foods with a high glycemic index contribute a sugar rush that will be terrible for your skin,” declares Ava Shamban, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA. High levels of insulin are not beneficial for people with acne. Consuming refined carbohydrates raises blood sugar and insulin levels contributing to the development of acne.  

  • Milk, Yogurt, and Creamer

Dairy products frequently consumed are linked to increased acne severity. Milk is notorious for increasing insulin levels worsening acne severity. There are many studies among teenagers who drank milk that had severe acne. According to Shamban, she says, “The hormones cows consume can be steroid equivalents, which can make you break out.” Also, putting any creamer can affect the skin.

  • Chocolate

Chocolate is most people’s favorite candy. However, it’s not the best food to eat. “It’s the sugars making milk chocolate harsh on your skin.” The high sugar content affects skin rejuvenation and repair. Developing research supports a connection between eating chocolate and developing acne.


Processed foods and high sugar can affect your skin and develop acne. Staying away from these foods can help you better your skin. For more beauty tips on managing your skin, talk with Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup. You can find talk to one of our experts on our website.

How to Winter-Proof Your Skin

Winter has a reputation for beautiful snowy vistas and savory comfort food. The harsh weather, however, can be a huge detriment to your skin. The following are a handful of tips to help keep your skin and makeup looking great even when winter wreaks havoc on it.

Prevent the Burn

Sometimes it gets so cold it burns. To prevent a bad case of windburn, wear a scarf or hood that covers your neck and nose. Before you go outside, don’t forget to apply an extra-moisturizing lotion or salve to protect any skin that will be exposed to the chill.

Winter Lips

If the cold weather leaves your lips cracked and flaky, try using a lip balm that contains sunblock. You can also use a moisturizing lipstick. However, you should try to avoid matte lipstick because they tend to dry out the skin.

Snow Reflects Sun

If it’s daytime and you’re outside, you should be wearing sunscreen. UV rays from the sun are always a threat to your skin, and the sun-reflecting properties of the snow make it much worse. Whether you’re taking the dog for a walk or going skiing, get in the habit of wearing sunscreen with at least SPF 30 during the winter.

Red Face

If you’ve spent the day outside in inclement weather, chances are your skin looks red and inflamed by the end of the day. To mitigate this, try using a green-tinted moisturizer to hide the redness. If the discoloration is confined to small spots on your face, a concealer will work wonders. If any spots are painful to the touch, simply apply some hydrocortisone cream for instant relief.

Fight the Smudge

High winds, sleet, and snow can cause smudges and smears in our makeup. To prevent a complete meltdown, use waterproof mascara and apply shadow and eyeliner to the upper lids only so the color doesn’t migrate.

Consider Your Cleanse

Your face may feel taut and dry after getting ravaged by the cold weather. To combat this, try using a creamy cleanser with hydrating properties. If dryness persists, get ahold of a humidifier and make your air wetter.


The winter is full of charming traditions and great food. Winter weather, whether you like it or not, can be damaging to your skin and makeup. If you’re suffering from dryness, cracked-lips, or smudged makeup, try the above tips to help. For further questions on all things makeup related, call the professionals at Beauty Studio Inc. Mobile Hair and Makeup.