Did you know that improper brushing can lead to hair damage? Since hair brushing is a very mundane task, we often don’t pay attention to it. You most likely don’t spend much time deliberating what kind of hairbrush to get compared to picking out shampoos and conditioners. Simply using the correct hairbrush for your hair type can make a difference. Check out the right hairbrushes you should be using in this month’s blog!

Very Short Hair and Bangs

Using a small round boar bristle brush is the best option to smooth down short hair and style bangs. They are great for creating tension and their roundness makes it easy to catch every strand of hair. Round boar bristle brushes are also great for adding volume to your hair and making curls.

Delicate, Thinning, or Damaged Hair

Boar bristles are also great for those with delicate hair but make sure you use a brush with extra-soft bristles. If you have thinning or damaged hair, using softer gentle bristles is very beneficial in preventing further damage. These types of hairbrushes stimulate the scalp and increase circulation to your hair follicles.

Fine to Medium Hair

Fine to medium hair types are the easiest to maintain and style and you can use any type of hairbrush. However, they can also greatly benefit from boar bristle hairbrushes. These brushes will lift away any dust and debris while redistributing your scalp’s natural oils.

Medium to Thick Hair

Hairbrushes with a mixture of nylon and boar bristles are excellent for medium to thick hair types. The nylon quills can easily detangle your hair while the boar bristles distribute your natural oils from the roots to the ends. Mixed bristle hairbrushes are perfect for maintaining healthy hair because they are the best of both worlds!

Very Thick or Coarse Hair

Nylon hairbrushes are the best bet when it comes to taming thick or coarse hair. They function the same way as boar bristles but are much stiffer and offer more control. Nylon bristles can eliminate tough tangles and knots without harmful tugging. This is a must have for anyone who has problems with tangling and needs a firm brush to stand up to it.

Curly Hair

Curly hair definitely has its own challenges and it becomes quite a nightmare when it comes to detangling that wild mane. Wooden hairbrushes are very suitable for curly hair types due to their widely spaced pins that will help with detangling. They also won’t generate any hair static or frizz while offering less snagging and pulling. Wooden brushes are overall very gentle and encourages a more natural sheen to your hair.


Your hair will reap the benefits when it comes to using a good quality hairbrush that is perfect for your hair type. Try not to skimp out on cheaper hairbrushes and consider your options with natural bristles. We promise your hair will thank you for it! For more beauty tips, advice, and services, rely on Beauty Studio Inc. Mobile Hair and Makeup. We specialize in professional hair styling and makeup. Check out our gallery and learn more by visiting our website!