As the leaves turn different colors and the weather cools down, it’s clear that fall is just around the corner. You may be wondering: how can I change up my makeup routine to reflect the autumn season? In this blog post, we’re going to discuss a few different ways you can incorporate dark and smoky pigments into your makeup look!


Burgundy shadows and lipsticks pair well with light to medium skin tones.  The contrast of dark purples against your skin helps you to put together a dramatic look that catches attention anywhere you go. For eyeshadow application, we recommend blending together the colors at the crease first, and then buffing out the remaining shadow towards the outer eyelid. As for your lipstick, apply a dark colored lip liner and then fill in the remaining space with your favorite burgundy shade!

Deep Reds/Oranges

From crimson reds to burnt oranges, go outside of your comfort zone with these warm hues. This color palette is perfect for all skin tones, and can be incorporated with a variety of makeup looks. Since we’re sticking to fall trends, pair a matte red lipstick with neutral eyeshadows to let your lips be the center of attention. Orange eyeliners and eyeshadows are also a great way to add a pop of color on your lids!

Chiseled Charcoal

A super light dusting of a charcoal shadow can turn your fall makeup into something whimsical, yet sophisticated. The grey and black tones of charcoal can be combined with a jet black eyeliner and false lashes to up the intensity. Be sure to blend these colors to the outer edge of your eyelid, being careful not to smudge the shadow onto the rest of your face. However, if you do mess up, take a clean makeup wipe and carefully wipe away the mistake for a fresh start!


Using the latest techniques and skills in the makeup industry, our professional makeup artists at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup will give you a full face fall look. From touch ups to airbrush applications, we can customize any makeup style to your preference. Visit our website for more information on our makeup packages today!