The belief of a groom not seeing his bride before the wedding comes from the time of pre-arranged marriages. The motive behind the idea was because the bride’s family was afraid the groom would desert the wedding ceremony if he did not find the bride attractive. However, today most marriages are not arranged. The bride and groom have the choice to choose each other and how the marriage ceremony will be. One of the most crucial parts of marriage is picking the perfect wedding photographer. An outstanding photographer will capture magical moments that you will remember. In this blog, we are going to talk about five ways to find your perfect wedding photographer.

The Venue Dilemma

The costs of venues are the most expensive part of wedding planning. It is crucial to figure out where you’re going to have your wedding before making any other decisions. After deciding what venue you want, it will be time to find a photographer. The services should be booked nine months before the wedding, especially if your photographer is high in demand. Friends are the first place to ask for good references. They can show you their wedding photos or tell you about somebody they know. Afterward, you can use social media to find about photographers’ styles that you like.

  1. Photography Style

The first place to start is to determine your preferred photography style. When you do your research, you will figure out the type of photography you like. Each photographer can bring different elements to each picture. They can make your wedding day look bright and vibrant with saturated colors, or they can achieve a vintage look with faded backgrounds and positive nostalgic feelings. When a few photographers snatched your breath away from their visual media, then you can contact them. Inquire about availability, prices, special packages, and services that your potential photographer may offer to you. If everything they offer is within budget and your style, then book an appointment with them immediately.

  • Interviewing Photographers

As you begin to contact photographers, many will send you a link to a website or images of their portfolio before you meet. Sometimes, there are cooperate studios that employ various photographers and even individual photographers. Therefore as you meet, figure out whom you will choose to shoot at your wedding. At times, photographers bring along an assistant who helps them with gear, lights, and other fixtures and takes a few other shots. So it is essential to look at the work of each photographer.

  • Top Choices and Recent Work

You need to look at recent wedding pictures and not just the highlight reel. It is essential to look at their portfolio from start to finish from different weddings to ensure the best quality photography. You can also ask the photographer if they have ever shot at your wedding venue. It’s highly recommended to request the work of the photographer who will be overseeing your photos.

  • The Expenses

The expenses might include the album, prints, transportation costs, thumb drive, and hourly rate in one price. However, most of the time, photographers specify parts in the photography process depending on your preferences. Generally, photographers offer you a list of prices specifying various packages. It is essential to know exactly what’s included in a wedding package. Also, ask the photographer how long they will spend at the wedding and if you need to pay for an assistant.

  • Choose and Run

The last part is evaluating each photographer and shortening the options to make the final decision. Remember that the photographer you pick we be with you the whole wedding day. So find somebody whom you and your fiancé felt comfortable with and stick to somebody who clicks. After the final decision, it is always best to schedule a test run. Whether it’s an engagement photoshoot or Save-the-Date pictures, it is excellent to know your photographer and get comfortable with them.


Picking the right photographer can seem complicated, but using the tips mention can help you find the perfect person to capture your moment. If you need a professional photographer for your wedding, contact Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup. We specialize in photography, videography, and even bridal make-up. Contact us on our website.