Has your hair been falling a little flat? Stress, weather, over-work, and tons of other things can all cause your hair to look lifeless. If you’ve been wanting to pull off those super-model quality hairstyles, then you need some volume. Your experts at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup have the guide for you for all the times you can’t come in and have one of our professionals do the work for you.

Add Volume to Your Hair

Change your Part

Before we get into the more complicated ways to add volume to your hair, there’s one easy fix that you’re probably not taking advantage of. Changing up the way you part your hair will switch up the natural desire of your hair to fall flat and boost those follicles to new heights.

Volume Starts in the Shower

The best way to add volume to your hair only requires a simple change in products. Swap out your usual shampoo and condition for volume adding ones. These add weight to each follicle, making them appear larger and fuller. Stick to clear products as they’re less likely to have fillers in them.

Dry shampoo is another smart way to add volume. For those days you’re not washing your hair, this can bring that volume. The powder clings to your roots and creates a strong base for your hair to stand up on.

Is it Hot in Here?

Heat is not good for your hair. When your hair is subject to too much heat, the natural oils and spring to your hair are cooked out of it. For those of you who blow dry your hair, this can be especially troublesome. Letting your hair air-dry or at least blow-drying it on cool, will give you natural volume while keeping your hair healthy.

Be Smart with Color

Color is a great way to add the appearance of volume without having to spend extra time getting ready every morning. Adding color to your hair can create a contrast between the dyed hair and your natural color. With this multi-dimensional look, be careful to not to over-bleach your hair as that will have the opposite of the effect you want.


Bringing volume to your hair is easier than you might have thought. With some serious height to your hair, you can pull off all of those amazing styles you’ve been wanting. When you need to make sure your hair looks flawless, leave it to our professional team at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup!