Gone are those days when people used to sit in the sun for several hours just to achieve those perfect golden tans. Spray tanning is a much easier and more affordable option now available for people who love self-tanning. But the question arises: are these tanning sprays safe for the skin? To help you get a better understanding in this article, we will explore some of the main pros and cons of spray tanning.

The Pros of Spray Tanning

Here are some of the main benefits of spray tanning.

  • Quick Results

Spray tanning is the quickest way to achieve that golden pigment on your skin. It reduces the risk of skin cancer from sitting out in the sun for long periods of time. These tanning sprays are easy to apply, and you can adjust their darkness by spraying more or less frequently. The best part is that you don’t need to make a trip to the salon, you can easily use tanning spray in the comfort of your home.

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  • It’s Much Safer Than Sunbathing

Sunbathing is the act of relaxing under the sun with the intent to tan. However, excessive exposure to UV rays can damage and harm the skin and cause several skin problems. Whereas spray tans are the instant solution to get tanned skin. Plus, you can maintain a perfect tan without waiting for hours and baking yourself outside in the sun.   

The Cons of Spray Tanning 

Here are some of the main drawbacks of spray tanning.

  • Short-term Results

Though beautified tanned skin is easy to achieve with the help of these tanning sprays, the color of spray-on tans stays only for a few days and can fade within weeks.

  • Tanning Sprays Are Expensive

Tanning sprays that are clinically proven are more expensive than ordinary tanning creams.

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  • Health Concerns

No matter how hard you try to hold your breath, you cannot avoid inhaling the tanning spray. Studies have shown that inhaling too much of the spray has caused cancer in several cases.

So…Is Spray Tanning Good or Bad?

Spray tanning is acceptable, but it can increase the risk of several skin problems, including premature aging and skin cancer. Also, we would recommend you should always use superior-quality spray tanning products if you love the way spray tanning makes you feel.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, it’s all up to you to decide whether you want to spray tan or sunbathe. Just make sure to protect yourself because your skin and well-being should be your most important concern. If you need an expert’s opinion, come to Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup and let our professionals take care of you. Contact us at (725) 735-5046 to book an appointment or for any questions.