When it comes to holidays in the United States, Thanksgiving is the most popular and marketed holiday, with Christmas being the second. It’s also accurate that the general public is busy preparing delicious meals for friends and family around this time of year. However, Thanksgiving is undoubtedly the best time to wear joyful and colorful makeup. Here are a few tips to follow for your Thanksgiving makeup look!

Prepare Your Skin before Thanksgiving Day

During the fall season, we may experience the coldest months of the year. Unfortunately, harsh winter winds and dry indoor heat can create clogged pores, dull skin, and other impurities. Before applying makeup and covering your skin with a foundation and concealer, it is essential to add moisturizer to your beauty routine to hydrate and revitalize your skin.

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Holiday Makeup: Choosing Your Eye Shadow and Lip Product

One of the freedoms of makeup is that you can choose to put emphasis on your eyes or lips. At Thanksgiving, everything is allowed in terms of makeup, so why not spend your time on it?

To do this, you can get started your Thanksgiving makeup by creating a base. For example, if you want to apply makeup to your eyes, opt for a black eyeliner before a smoky shadow to structure your look. In addition, before applying a lipstick or gloss, you can use a lip liner to give more shape your lips.

Go All The Way Down To the Fingertips

Having impeccable hands is the final touch to a sublime outfit and artful makeup!

The first step is to moisturize your hands and your cuticles with a cream. Next, remember to take care of your manicure by pushing back your cuticles and filing your nails before applying nail polish. We recommend a brown nail polish or Thanksgiving themed nail art to perfectly capture the warmth of Thanksgiving Day.

What to Avoid

A word of advice: avoid the glittery, disco ball look and instead focus on highlighting parts of the face. You will want to pass on ultra-designed eyebrows, dark smoky eyes, and glossy red lips in the same evening. At the end of the day, Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones, so don’t get caught up on perfection, but enjoy the process.


Whether you are spending Thanksgiving Day with friends or family, you can still stand out with your holiday themed makeup look. With the above makeup ideas and advice, we hope this helps inspire you. For the best mobile makeup services in Las Vegas, NV, call on Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup. We will have you looking flawless for any holiday party!