While the holidays are here, it is time to turn our eyes towards the upcoming spring season in 2019! In the spirit of the new season, and new resolution for that matter, listed below are some beauty trends for you to try your hand at. Here are three new hair style ideas for you that are guaranteed to start your year off right!

‘60s Fringe

Woman with glasses.

Nostalgia for historical fashion trends is going to be a major theme next year. The popular ‘60s fringe and shaggy locks are poised to take over the hair styling industry. This hairstyle is characterized by having bangs that grow just below your eyebrows, which frames the face with wispy, feathery strands. While the style has been given a few changes to make it more modern, the current incarnation of fringe bangs wouldn’t stand out too much from the Woodstock crowd!

Textured Bob

The start of a new year is always a popular time to be daring and try out something totally different. ‘New Year, New You!’ is a tried and true motto for the first of January, and it rings true for trying on a new hair look.

Woman with short hair cut.

When you are looking to shake up your locks, we have an idea for you! If you are tired of going through the same range of hairstyles, sometimes the solution is just chop it off! Cutting your tresses into textured, shortened locks is a guaranteed way to ramp up your image. This style is known as a ‘bob cut,’ and it’s recognizable by the short locks that don’t touch the shoulders but are right below the chin. A fun and flirty hairstyle, these tresses can be styled with hot tools in a quicker time frame than long locks, resulting in  smooth, straight or curled and voluminous locks in no time!

Long, Long Tresses

On the flip side to the bob cut are the mermaid-esque, long tresses that are poised to be the center of every New Year and spring beauty trend. Long hair paired with short and medium-length bangs or cascading waves arose in 2018 as one of the top looks. While it is a reigning trend for 2018, however, their thriving popularity is ever-growing and seems to carry over into 2019. Long or short locks can both be made beautiful and are completely based on your personal choice! With that said, the bonus of long locks is the wider range of hairstyles and special up-do’s.



Which look do you like best? The fringe, short, or long locks? Comment below to let us know which style you decided to ring in the New Year with!