With winter in full effect, your wardrobe is most likely changing to adapt to the cold weather. We believe that in addition to a change in wardrobe, bringing change to your makeup routine is necessary as well! The long nights and cold weather do not need to dull your makeup, read along as we share a couple of makeup trends that we encourage you to try this winter season.


A little shimmer never hurt anyone! Let your eyes shine bright with a beautiful metallic eyeshadow that will illuminate your eyes while remaining subtle. Whether you apply a bit of shadow to the inner corner of your eyes, or swap it across your entire eyelid, metallic makeup is the perfect complement to a winter look.

Glowy Skin

Natural and healthy skin is totally in this winter season. The cold weather can be harsh and drying, which means that we need to give our skin a lot more TLC. Achieve a healthy glow by indulging in a moisturizer fit for your skin type and winter-friendly products that will enhance your skin even on grey days. Give your skin that extra glow by applying a lightweight foundation with a dewy set-finish.

Thick Brows

Thick sweaters are not the only thing trending during this cold season. Welcome thick brows to your makeup routine! We are in an era where the thicker the brows the bigger the impact. Thick and natural looking brows are a huge trend that we all love. Achieve this look by filling in your natural brows and giving them a nice flair with your brow brush to give them that fuzzy look, we assure you that they will be a showstopper, all on their own.

We hope that these trends inspire you to bring some change to your makeup style this winter season. For professional and exceptional makeup and hair services in Las Vegas, NV, call on our team here at Beauty Studio Inc. From formal events to makeup application lessons, we are here to help you with all things beauty and makeup!