Whether you just purchased your first makeup palette or you’re well-versed in makeup, our one-on-one lessons are great for makeup lovers of all levels! Makeup techniques are ever changing, but without a good foundation on the basics, it can be difficult to stay on top of trends and specific looks that you would one day like to try on yourself. This is why we created lessons catered to your needs and skill levels. Read along as we discuss our one-on-one makeup lessons!

It All Starts With a Consult

A master level artist teaches all of our makeup lessons. Our master artists specialize in both simple/natural looks as well as more advanced looks. Through your consultation, your pro artist will discuss what look you would like to learn , this will be your opportunity to discuss your skill level and  what looks you prefer to teach you the best techniques.

The Breakdown

The most important part of your class! This is when you’ll be receiving step by step instructions on how to apply your makeup along with which products to use in order to achieve the perfect look. Through your lesson, you will gain the skills, tools, and knowledge for you to create unique and beautiful makeup looks with confidence!

What is In Your Bag? 

Finding the right products can be trial and error, but with the help of a makeup master, it gets a lot easier. Your artist will suggest products to shop for and “must haves” for your makeup bag. From the best foundations to favorite brands and tools, you can trust that your artist will give you the best tips that fit your style and needs.

From an everyday look to career growth, learning about makeup through our professional lessons are a fun way to learn! Your experience will be both enjoyable and full of knowledgeable information that you will be able to reference whenever you are getting your glam on. We offer personal lessons as well as group lessons. Learn more about our lessons by visiting us online.