The world of makeup today is an inclusive industry that helps promote confidence and creativity for both men and women. While makeup can be wonderful for everyone, there are some notable differences when it comes to makeup for men vs women. Below we discuss a few ways that men can gradually explore the world of makeup while best meeting their skins unique and individual needs.


The texture of most men’s skin makes it much more receptive to thorough prep. This includes proper cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and priming if makeup is going to be applied. This step will not only help combat potential blemishes and fine lines, but also help ensure makeup will look and blend more naturally too.


The holy-grail product that everyone loves is concealer, and for good reason. Concealer has the power to make all types of blemishes disappear in plain sight just like magic. An easy way to reduce the appearance of redness or dark under eyes is to lightly tap concealer into the skin with a clean fingertip. This application method is simple, quick, and foolproof.

Facial Hair

A secret way to incorporate makeup into your everyday routine is by using powders or pens to fill in any gaps or patches in beards, mustaches, or eyebrows. Be sure to look for a flat (no shimmer or sparkle) eyeshadow, eye pencil, lip pencil, or bronzing powder that best matches the color of your hair.

Final Thoughts Even though makeup is made to benefit everyone, learning to apply it can take some time and practice. Men in the Las Vegas, NV community looking to take makeup lessons or have their makeup done by industry professionals should look to the team at Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup for on demand or in studio services. We even specialize in drag and male to female makeup as well! Call us at (800) 243- 2240 for more information.