The highest-rated eyeshadows, foundations, blushes and highlighters would be nothing without the right makeup tools. Makeup lovers today are fortunate to have the broadest range of natural and synthetic brushes and applicators than ever before. From large blending brushes to precise angular brushes, knowing which makeup brushes are right for you, your routine, and your favorite products can easily become confusing and overwhelming. Below, we’ve outlined the top eight brushes even the simplest of makeup looks will require!

  • Foundation Brush: Those who prefer a brush to a sponge when applying face makeup should keep several things in mind when deciding which one is right for them. For full coverage, opt for a kabuki style brush which are known for their dense, firm bristles. When going for lighter coverage try a stippling brush. These brushes have two layers of bristles which work to provide a more natural and air brushed look.
  • Concealer Brush: A concealer brush should be able to seamlessly blend under eye concealer as well as instantly cover the look of blemishes. Concealer brushes can come in a variety of styles, but the best have bristles that are short, symmetrical, tapered, and have an all-over medium density.
  • Contour Brush: When it comes to finding the right contour brush everything should be considered from the size to the shape to the types of bristles. All of the highest rated contour brushes on the market have dense, soft bristled perfectly angled for optimal cheekbone sculpting.
  • Blush Brush: Similarly to contour brushes, blush brushes work to sculpt and define cheeks while providing a flushed, sun kissed finish. These brushes often come in styles similar to contour and foundation brushes but with bristles that are more tapered and not as dense.
  • Highlighter Brush: For a natural and glowy look you will need a highlighting brush that can provide a precise and buildable finish. These qualities can often be found in brushes that are soft, fluffy, tapered, and relatively small in size.
  • Setting Powder Brush: Setting powder is a revolutionary product that locks in makeup while absorbing oil and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and creases. The highest rated setting brushes have bristles that can hold and control where product does and does not go. When looking for a setting powder brush look for one similar to a highlighting brush making sure that it’s soft, fluffy and tapered.
  • Eyeshadow Brush: Eyeshadow brushes are designed to perfectly compliment the shape of the eyelid and build product with minimal fallout. These brushes should have flat, dense and rounded bristles which are optimal for flawless blending and building up pigment.
  • Angled Eye Brush: Angled eye brushes are flat and have short, compacted bristles perfect for drawing precise lines around the eyelash lines. These types of brushes can be used with crème or powdered shadows and eye lining products.

Final Thoughts

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