Getting your makeup professionally done is a treat that will make you look and feel good and is sure to amaze anyone at public events. But you’re probably wondering if there are any do’s and don’ts when it comes to working with a professional makeup artist. If you’re planning to get dolled up, continue reading to learn more etiquette and what to do when working with a professional.

Choosing Your Makeup Artist

Doing research on your makeup artist is important. While most makeup artists are quite flexible and multifaceted in their skills, each artist still has their own unique specializations and techniques. It’s beneficial to find someone who is compatible with your own preferred style. A good way to research is to look through their portfolio website, Instagram, and any online reviews. All of these things are usually readily available on the internet and will give you better insight on who to hire. Don’t forget to also research their rates to see if they fit your budget.

Bring References

Your makeup artist isn’t a mind reader and you shouldn’t assume they’ll know exactly what you mean either. If you have a specific look or color in mind, it’s highly recommended that you bring along inspiration photos as references – such as the artist’s previous work on another client, Instagram photos, or pictures off of the internet. This gives your makeup artist an idea of what you’re expecting and allows them to understand your preferences. Reference photos will really help in the process and you’ll like the end result much more if your makeup artist knows what to work towards!

Trust the Process and Be Open to Suggestions

When you rely on a professional makeup artist, you’re basically giving them the reins. It’s important as a client to trust the expert and understand that they know what’s best. That being said, the artist will most likely use different techniques than what you’re used to. You might feel a bit doubtful but remember that the entire look has to come together and if you start judging before it’s complete, you won’t like it. They’re professionals with years of experience for a reason, so just sit back and put your trust in them.

Of course you should always thoroughly consult with the makeup artist before starting the session. As mentioned before, discuss with them using reference photos if possible and point out anything particular that you really want. During consultation, try to be open minded and consider the suggestions that the artist will recommend based on your features.


At the end of the day, staying open-minded to suggestions and being communicative is key when working with your makeup artist. If you’re looking for a professional makeup and photography service in Las Vegas, come to Beauty Studio Inc Mobile Hair and Makeup! Our professionals have many years of experience and will transform the way you look. Learn more about our studio by visiting our website.