While many pregnant women experience ‘the glow’ and overall enjoyable pregnancies, many other women experience physical responses that aren’t quite as pleasant. The extra work a women’s body has to manage during this time can often have direct effects on the hair, skin, and nails (just to name a few). Continue below as we discuss some of these changes and ways to adjust a beauty routine around them.


It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to notice all types of changes with their skin. Some of these changes, like acne and hyperpigmentation, are only temporary but others, such as stretch marks, tend to be more permanent.

The effects of hyperpigmentation can be minimized by reducing sun exposure and increasing SPF whenever outdoors. According to WebMD, spending as little as 15 minutes outdoors without sun protection can result in these dark spots on the skin.


A mixture of prenatal vitamins and extra hormones often cause fingernails and toenails to grow at quicker rates than normal. Depending on the woman, this speedy nail growth can result in strong nails or brittle, splitting nails.

Your best bet against combatting weak nails is to always take prenatals as directed, keep nails trimmed, and avoid nail polish and nail polish remover.

Hair and Nails - India Parenting


Hormones rule all, especially hair! The fluctuation of hormones during and after pregnancy can result in hair loss as well as hair growth and changes in texture. Even though normal hair loss often slows down during pregnancy, postpartum hair loss is completely natural as well.  It’s also very common for hair to begin growing in areas it never had before.

Moms-to-be can take comfort in knowing these changes are also temporary ones. In most cases body hair will reregulate as the hormones do, which is usually when breast feeding subsides. Avoid using harsh chemicals on the hair whenever possible and consider waxing or threading incessant areas for results that last longer than shaving.

Final Thoughts

These mostly temporary changes shouldn’t prohibit any woman from enjoying herself and wanting to look and feel her best. The beauty professionals at Beauty Studio Inc. Mobile Hair and Makeup in Las Vegas, NV have the experience, tools, and skills needed to help anyone achieve the hair and makeup look of their dreams. Head to our website for more information about our services and to schedule a mobile or studio service!